Curtains will give your home the finishing touch it needs, as well as providing a cosy, intimate atmosphere for those dark winter nights. Unfortunately, measuring for curtains can be tricky if it’s the first time you’ve ever tried to tackle it. We’ve put together some top tips to follow, which should give you a good head start to measuring for curtains in the most accurate way possible.

Measuring the curtain width

It’s important to not measure the window, but instead measure the curtain track or pole width to get the most accurate measurements. If you’re planning on fitting a new track or pole with your curtains, this should extend 15-20cm either side of the window and at least 15cm above.

Getting the right curtain poles or track

When measuring your curtain poles or track, it’s important to focus on the width and not any decorative end pieces. Take the measurement for your total pole or track width that your curtains will be covering.

Getting the correct curtain drop

The best way to hang curtains is either to the floor, to the windowsill or just below the sill. It’s recommended that curtains finish either 15-20cm below the windowsill, 2cm above the radiator, 1cm above the floor or 1cm above the sill, dependent on the window you are hanging them from. Always measure at least three positions from your curtain pole as floors are usually uneven, and this will avoid curtains dragging. From a sample of three measurements, use the shortest of the three, as it’s better to be a touch shorter than too long.

Do you need help with curtain measurements?

If you’re still unsure of the correct length of width of your curtains, it’s sometimes better to get an expert opinion. At Nottingham Blinds and Curtains, we offer free measuring and fitting by one of our friendly experts. Contact us today and we will send one of our fitters to call at your convenience, give free helpful advice and guidance, show you samples, measure your windows and supply a no obligation quote. Should you order, they will return and fit your blinds beautifully.