In the heart of every home is the living room – a place to unwind and gather after a hard day’s work, to hang out with friends and relax with family. Getting the look just right isn’t an easy ask. After all, you want to create a space you can feel truly be happy with and relax in, but at the same time shows off your style design and credentials. Every pick, from the sofa to the wall colour, needs to be carefully considered – and that’s where studying the latest trends could really help.

Here, we explore the new-season looks that will be playing a key role in how we transform our living rooms for the years ahead.

Velvet Sofas

When it comes to living room furniture, both colour and fabric choices are becoming bolder. Velvet has been on the radar for many years, but it’s 2018 that sees it really shine. This luxurious fabric oozes a warming quality – it has that tactile appeal that draws you in. Velvet as an upholstery fabric makes you want to touch it and melt into its softness. ‘We’ve seen a 150% increase in velvet sofa sales in the last year.

Paint Colours

Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many rooms, but we are feeling a lot braver with colour choices in the living room this year. Moody colours are more popular than ever, with brooding violet, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2018. Neutrals in the living room have taken a back seat to the injection of colour. Now, more so than ever before, the use of many shades at a time is becoming increasingly mainstream. Clashing shades can be used on the walls and bought together cleverly via furnishings and accessories.

The Return of TV Units

The fad of giant plasma TVs mounted to walls is finally going out of style (thank god!). We are happy to wave goodbye to the days of ruining walls with giant unattractive screens. Wall-mounted televisions are good news from a space-saving point of view, but not great for style credentials or practicality – you can’t rearrange furniture as freely if the TV is secured in place. The TV unit has made a glorious comeback, this year more than ever. In 2018, our walls are free to decorate with art work and glorious bold colours.

Decorating with Indoor Plants

A key living room trend for spring and summer is accessorizing using plants and greenery. From small succulents and cacti, to hanging foliage and larger potted plants, greenery can completely transform any living space for the summertime. Whether used in abundance or as a minimalistic finishing touch, both can be equally impactful.

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