Keeping blinds regularly maintained and clean will increase the lifespan and keep them looking good for longer. Regular cleaning will ensure they look their best, but as you already know some blinds are easier to install, some are easier to clean. So whether you are a busy parent with no time to do housework, or simply do not want to spend many hours washing your window dressings, it helps to know which blinds are easiest to keep clean.

Roman Blinds

Available in a vast array of textures, colours and fabrics with multiple features, roller blinds fit nicely into a range of interiors. Whether you want to reduce the glare of the midday sunshine in your living area or manage the privacy, roller-blinds offer many options to individually suit homeowners needs. From delicate voiles to elegant style, to subtle light filtering shades, and blackout fabrics, roller blinds can suit any room. Very simple to use, you can just lift or lower the blind as you see fit.

Vertical blinds, the way the fabric hangs on the roller blinds means that dust is less likely to settle on their vertical surface, making them one of the easiest blinds to clean. Once you know how to clean blinds, they don’t take long to keep dirt free. Gentle dusting or vacuum as required, and carefully use a damp cloth with soapy warm water to remove marks.

Venetian Blinds

With a vast range of stylish elegant fabrics, designs, colours and styles to choose from, Roman blinds can create a real sense of quality in living room areas. They add the ultimate finishing touch to contemporary interiors with strong bold prints and patterns, and complete a modern design with sleek neutral tones. Easy to function, you can also adjust the amount of light that comes into the room by lifting and lowering the blinds accordingly. Enjoy a soft subtle light through paler fabrics, and close fully for complete privacy.

Roman blinds are also easy to clean. Their simple design and easy to operate mechanism make regular cleaning and maintenance a simple task when it comes to household chores. Just use a duster over the blinds when fully open, and always use a special attachment when vacuuming to avoid damaging the delicate fabrics.


With light filtering, thermal, waterproof and blackout fabrics in many colours, textures and patterns, vertical blinds are an excellent choice for cost-effective window dressing and are especially suitable for large expanses of glass. The simple mechanism to turn the louvres allows you to have great control over the amount of light coming into the rooms. You can also choose to let a good amount of natural light in during the day, with a quick turn needed to reduce any glare, and once fully closed, you can enjoy complete privacy. Given the nature of vertical blinds, with their hanging vertical slats, their surfaces are less likely to gather dust than other types of blinds. If you’re wondering how to clean vertical blinds the easy way, then simply vacuum regularly with a suitable upholstery attachment, and wipe clean any light marks with a damp cloth.

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