If your household is home to little ones, it stands to reason that you’ll want to keep common household items as safe as possible. Even your window blinds can be a dangerous hazard if the proper safety checks aren’t carried out. So, whether you’re looking to buy new blinds, or need to look at your existing ones, here’s our quick checklist to make sure your blinds are child safe.

Buying new safe blinds

If you’re choosing new blinds, particularly in your child’s bedroom, you should try and opt for ones without cords or chains. Cordless blinds can prevent hazards like children becoming caught n the chain, yet come with a variety of options to ensure the blinds still remain functional.

When you buy blinds, ensure there is a safety device to help reduce the risk to your family’s safety. This means that where there is a loop that is present, or could be created, a safety device must be installed at the point of the manufacture. Reputable businesses should supply these as standard, so don’t be afraid to ask about them when you’re looking at your options.

Make current blinds safe

If you already have blinds in your home but you’re unsure of whether they are fully child safe, follow these tips as a guideline:

If your household blinds already have cords, you should keep them short and out of reach where possible.
Never tie blind cords together or allow them to twist – cords should be left straight and undisturbed to reduce the risk of becoming tangled around your little one.
Keep beds away from the window – placing cots or beds away from the window means that young children won’t be able to accidentally entangle themselves.
Use breakaway options – breakaway chain connectors can be applied to the chain cord of a blind and work by breaking apart if too much pressure than necessary is applied.


Children are naturally inquisitive. However, by following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that when they are wandering about, your household blinds are not a concern. At Nottingham Blinds and Curtains we have a great range of roller blinds and other common types, which we can fit to ensure maximum blind safety in your home. Contact us today for help & advice.