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How to get a great nights’ sleep with blackout blinds
29th November 2018

Blackout blinds conjure up images of thick black blinds that create a pitch darkness. While your bedroom needs to be dark…

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How to Measure for Curtains
31st October 2018

Curtains will give your home the finishing touch it needs, as well as providing a cosy, intimate atmosphere for those dark…

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How to make sure your blinds are child safe
1st October 2018

If your household is home to little ones, it stands to reason that you’ll want to keep common household items as…

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How to make the most of natural light in your home
4th September 2018

There are an abundance of studies which suggest that natural light is good for the human body.

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Roller Blind Buying Guide
31st July 2018

One of the most popular types of blinds, these blinds are used throughout the country in many homes and businesses alike.

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Which blinds are the easiest to clean
25th June 2018

Keeping blinds regularly maintained and clean will increase the lifespan and keep them looking good for longer.

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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Blinds
1st June 2018

When it comes to bathrooms and blinds you are going to be facing conditions such as steam, condensation and humidity. Below…

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Living room decor trends to follow in 2018
14th May 2018

In the heart of every home is the living room – a place to unwind and gather after a hard day’s…

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How to match up your blinds and curtains
29th March 2018

If you’re after the perfect look in your home with blinds and curtains from our collection. Read our handy guide to…

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How to Best Match Curtains to a Room
27th February 2018

If you’re in the market for some new curtains, ultimately, they need to match your room colour and style. Styles range…

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