There are an abundance of studies which suggest that natural light is good for the human body. From the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder to encouraging a natural sleep cycle the benefits are many and varied. We can’t always take time out to get out into the fresh air and sunshine (when we do have sun that is!) so how can you maximise natural light in your home?

The effects of natural light on your health

Just some of the benefits or natural light on your health are:
• Regular circadian rhythms which affects sleep and concentration
• Stabilises melatonin production. Reduced levels have been linked to breast cancer
• Natural light is necessary for healthy vitamin D synthesis (even through glass is preferable to not receiving light at all) of which deficiency has been linked to multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, hypertension and some cardiac abnormalities
• According to the JBI library article “…buildings that don’t admit sunlight provoke disease, either directly or indirectly”

How to get more natural light in your home

There are a number of ways you can increase the natural light without moving to sunnier climes:
• Adding a mirror can reflect the light into otherwise dull areas
• Similarly, glass furniture and accessories will help to distribute light
• Switching from heavy curtains to blinds can help to control the light coming in
• Move furniture so that it doesn’t block the light coming in
• Consider whether a skylight would be suitable
• Consider decorating in lighter shades


There are clear health benefits of increasing the amount of natural light in your home. You could also save money on reduced use of your electricity. At Nottingham Blinds and Curtains we have a great range of skylight blinds, pleated blinds and more besides. Contact us today for help & advice.