If you’re after the perfect look in your home with blinds and curtains from our collection. Read our handy guide to matching blinds and curtains, and discover how to combine pattern, colour and texture to create a fantastic finish at your window.

Create style with a single shade

Choosing a single shade for your walls and window really brings your interior scheme together. By using the same colour throughout, you unify your colour scheme, creating a balanced space. By using colour in this way, your living room becomes recessive, allowing your furniture and accessories to take the centre stage.

Be inspired by the textures in your home

Let elements of your existing furnishings inspire your creative choices and you will be amazed at the results.

Use texture to transform a simple scheme

Subtle, simple and neutral schemes can all be greatly enhanced with the introduction of textured window dressings. try combining two different textured blinds and curtains.

Be adventurous with a pattern

The art to combining patterns is successfully balancing colour and form.  Choose a bold print for your main fabric and complement it with a softer, more subtle design. Abstract prints and watercolour washes are an excellent choice for your secondary pattern, whereas stripes and florals work well as the hero fabric. Keep to a limited colour palette for your pairing to avoid colour clashes. And if you’ve used strong patterns in your window dressings, choose a neutral shade for your walls.

Introduce pattern into a plain scheme

Pattern is an excellent way to add interest to your living space, and because blinds and curtains are easy and cost-effective to replace, you can update your look easily to reflect trends and changing tastes. When matching patterns and plains, select one colour from your patterned curtain or blind and use that shade for your matching plain fabric.