When it comes to bathrooms and blinds you are going to be facing conditions such as steam, condensation and humidity. Below are some tips for when it comes to buying your new blinds.

1. Avoid real wood blinds
Real can warp, stain and possible twist over time in humid and damp environments. If you really had your eye set on wood though, there are plenty of faux wood options out there suitable for bathrooms.

2. Suitable fabrics
Just like wood there are certain fabrics that you think about avoiding as well. Linen, Cotton and Silk blinds are some of these. Moisture can get trapped within the fibres and lead to unsightly results. It is a much better choice to go with PVC or polyester.

3. Roller blinds – the best
You can pretty much any type of blind in your bathroom (taking the material in to account of course), but we would say rollers are the best. You can pull them up out of the way of splashes, getting stained and any items on the window sill while still providing privacy and shade.

4. Direct sunlight
Does your bathroom get a lot of light coming through the window? Yes, then Venetian blinds would be a good choice, there movable slats allow you to direct bright light away whilst still letting it in.

5. Privacy
Your bathrooms overlooked but you don’t want to end up covering the whole window, then bottom up roller blinds if a good choice for you. Simply roll it up to the level of privacy you require and still let light in through the top.

6. Shower proof
If you window is right next to your shower then your blinds are going to taking hits from a lot of excess water. In these case 100% waterproof blinds are really the only way to go.

7. Blinds for room darkening
Do you want extreme privacy or just like to relax in your bath with the room only lit by candle light. Blackout blinds are the one for you, and these will generally be of a roller type blind.